English Matters. College of Arts and Sciences, Washington State University.

2018-19 Scholarships & Awards

Emmett & Mary Avery Fellowship
Awarded to Tabitha Espina Velasco

Murray W. Bundy Scholarship
Awarded to Lindsey Shannon, Keeley Doherty, and Emily Huck

John W. Ehrstine Fellowship
Awarded to Kara Falknor

Alexander Hammond Professional Development and Achievement Award
Awarded to Leah Wilson

Basil and Ella Alexander Jerard Scholarship
Awarded to Sara Quenzer, Rebecca Schallon, and Katelynn Drake

Jennie Brown Rawlins Scholarship
Awarded to Anna Young and Allyson Pang

April Seehafer Scholarship
Awarded to Sophie Shugarts

Ruth Slonim Poetry Award
Awarded to Jasper Contreras, Baylee Barnett, and Kamisha Sewell
Honorable Mentions: Ariana Wyatt and Breanna Daley

Sarah Weems Award for Creative Nonfiction
Awarded to Sara Quenzer
Honorable Mentions: Taylor Ann Ono and Hannah Utter

Special Distinguished Service Award
Awarded to Keyla Palominos

Outstanding Senior
Awarded to Miranda Sherrell (WSU Pullman), Jessica Judd (WSU Vancouver), and Alyssa Uretsky-Pratt (WSU Tri-Cities)
Honorable Mentions Lionel Edwards and Madison Jackson

Outstanding Seminar Essay or Project Award at the MA and PhD Levels
MA Awarded to Nicholas Binford
PhD Awarded to Kathryn Manis and Richard Snyder

Teaching Assistant Distinguished Teaching Award
Awarded to Haley Vasquez

Appreciation Award for Outstanding Work on LandEscapes and for the Arts at WSU
Awarded to Madison Jackson

Instructor Distinguished Service Award
Awarded to Shelly Richardson

Instructor Distinguished Teaching Award
Awarded to Megan Hall

English Graduate Organization Awards
Beth Buyserie, Heather Ramos, Richard Snyder, Ras Tanvir, Tabitha Espina Velasco, Patty Wilde, and Leah Wilson