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Recent & forthcoming publications

In addition to their teaching, research, and service to the University and scholarly communities, WSU English faculty share new knowledge by creating and publishing widely on a variety of topics. Three recent books are highlighted here, followed by a sampling of published or forthcoming work.

Buddy Levy

In early March, Buddy Levy, clinical professor of English, provided a short reading and discussion of his research and travels in his recently published book, Labyrinth of Ice: The Triumphant and Tragic Greely Polar Expedition (St. Martins, 2019). Author of seven books, Levy entertains a wide range of interests: discovery and adventure, the mountain men, arctic exploration travail, clashes of empires and civilizations, and riveting human stories of survival. He lives in northern Idaho and interacts on Facebook. Levy’s website provides more details.

Susan Ross

Susan Dente Ross is lead author of the forthcoming seventh edition of the top-selling media law textbook, Law of Journalism and Mass Communication (Sage/CQ 2020). It presents a lively, up-to-date, and comprehensive introduction to media law that brings the law to life for future professional communicators. The book is grounded in the traditions and rules of law from the U.S. Supreme Court, federal and state courts, Congress, executive agencies, federal and state policymakers and advisory groups, and media organizations and allies. It also contains fresh facts and relevant examples that keep readers engaged. A refreshed look, feel, and flow of chapters provide readers an understanding of fast-expanding areas of the law and legal complexities.

Grant Maierhofer

Grant Maierhofer’s new book, Works, is a collection but also something new: It is a conversation between Maierhofer’s early and contemporary writings that shares its title with Édouard Levé’s masterful experimental Works. It’s a volume containing many books, with new introductions and emendations to make it a definitive and expansive heir to its previous components. Flamingos, a novella, chosen by Blake Butler as one of the best books of 2016 for Vice Magazine, is the first in a cycle of books Maierhofer is writing about modern madness. This edition is an expansion of the original, which was published by ITNA Press and features a new introduction by German Sierra. Postures, originally published as the eighth book in Publication Studio’s Fellow Travelers Series, features an introduction by Sean Kilpatrick and praise from the late Kevin Killian. Bleach is a collection of new and old stories and has received praise from Matthew Simmons and Kate Zambreno. The collection features pieces previously published in Berfrois, Terraform, 3:AM Magazine, and elsewhere. And finally, the original unpublished edition of the PX138 3100-2686 User’s Manual, first written as liner notes for Lorn’s EP The Maze to Nowhere, received accolades from Tan Lin and was published on Bloomsday, June 19, 2020.

John Barber

“Doing Digital Humanities with Digital Storytelling.” Doing More Digital Humanities: A Companion Volume, edited by Siemens, Crompton, and Lane, London: Routledge, 2020, pp. 156-170.

“’The War of the Worlds’” Broadcast: Fake News, or Engaging Storytelling?” Radio’s Second Century: A Reader, edited by Hendricks, New Brunswick: Rutgers UP, 2020, pp. 96-118.

Ashley Boyd

“‘We acted like ELLs’”: A Pedagogy of Embodiment in Preservice Teacher Education.” Language Teaching Research. Forthcoming.

“Youth Agency and Activism through Critical Pedagogies.” Teachers College Record. Forthcoming.

“Cultivating Critical Content Knowledge: Shakespeare, Pre-service Teachers, and New Methodologies for Social Justice.” Shakespeare and the Pedagogies of Justice, edited by Eklund and Hyman, Edinburgh: Edinburgh UP. 2020. https://edinburghuniversitypress.com/book-teaching-social-justice-through-shakespeare.html

“Parties, Pranks, and Privilege:  Reading Looking for Alaska through the Lens of Critical Whiteness.” Canonical Young Adult Literature: Criticism & Critique, edited by Hill and Malo-Juvera, New York: Routledge, 2020.

Let’s Give Them Something to Talk (and Act!) About: Privilege, Racism, and Oppression in the Middle School Classroom.” Education Innovator, 2020.

Critical literacies on the university campus: Engaging Pre-service Teachers with Social Action Projects.” English Practices: Practice and Critique, vol. 19, no. 1, 22 Nov. 2019, pp. 49-63.

Preface. Teaching Beyond Fear: Arming Teachers with Words, Stories, and Power, edited by Bickmore, Rumohr-Voskuil, and Shaffer, New York: Routledge, 2019.

Todd Butler

Cultivating critical content knowledge: Shakespeare, Pre-service Teachers, and New Methodologies for Social Justice.” Shakespeare and the Pedagogies of Justice edited by Eklund and Hyman, Edinburgh: Edinburgh UP, 2019,

Literature and Political Intellection in Early Stuart England. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2019.

“Toward the 21st Century Land-Grant Humanities Ph.D.: New Pathways for Access, Inclusion, and Public Engagement.” Mission Driven: Reimagining Graduate Education for a Thriving Humanities Ecosystem, edited by Hartman and Strakovsky, New York: Modern Language Association (MLA), 2019.

Donna Campbell

The House of Mirth: Critical Edition and Introduction. New York: Oxford UP, Forthcoming.

“The Frenchwoman Dépaysée: and Edith Wharton.” Edith Wharton Review, Forthcoming.

“American Realism and Gender.” Oxford Handbook of American Literary Realism, edited by Newlin, New York: Oxford UP, 2019, pp. 41-64.

“Wharton and Transnationalism.” The New Edith Wharton Studies, edited by Haytock and Rattray, New York: Cambridge UP, 2019, pp. 96-110.

Kimberly Christen

The Songline Is Alive in Mukurtu: Return, Reuse, and Respect.” Language Documentation and Conservation, vol. 18, 2019, pp. 153-173.

Vanessa Cozza

“Course Design: English 402 ‘Professional and Technical Writing.’” Composition Studies, Forthcoming.

Mike Edwards

“Insurgent Rhetorics and Historical Materialism” in Rhet Ops: Rhetoric and Information Warfare (Composition, Literacy, and Culture) edited by Ridolfo and Hart-Davidson, Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 2019, pp. 67-77.

Rudyne (Dene) Grigar

Rebooting Electronic Literature: Documenting Pre-Web Born Digital Media, Volume 2 (vol. 2). Vancouver: Nouspace Publications, 2019.

Kinepoeia in Animated Poetry.” Electronic Literature as Digital Humanities: Contexts, Forms, and Practices, New York: Bloomsbury Academic Publishing. Forthcoming.

Lisa Guerrero

Crazy Funny: Popular Black Satire and The Method of Madness. New York: Routledge, 2020.

Desiree Hellegers

“Toxic Imperialism: Memory, Erasure, and Environmental Injustice in David Chariandy’s Soucouyant.” ariel: A Review of International English Literature, vol. 50, no. 2-3, Apr.-Jun. 2019, pp. 81-104, doi:10.1353/ari.2019.0015.

Of Scrooges and Sweeps, Body Snatching and Death on the Street.” Counterpunch, 1 Jan. 2020.

“Dumbo Elegies.” The New Guard Review, vol. 8, 2019, pp. 127-8.

Debbie (DJ) Lee

Remote: Finding Home in the Bitterroots. Oregon State UP, 2020, http://osupress.oregonstate.edu/book/remote.

Buried Lives and Divided Selves: An Interview with Debra Gwartney.” Terrain.org, 28 May 2020.

Cameron McGill

In the Night Field. Forthcoming in 2021 from Augury Books, an imprint of Brooklyn Arts Press.

Meridians. Spokane, WA: Willow Springs Books, 2020.

41.9740° N, 87.6782° W.” CutBank 90, 2019.

At the Bar.” Raleigh Review, vol 9.2, Fall 2019.

“William Blake & The Eternals.” RHINO 2020, 2020.

Four Poems.” Terrain.org, 1 Mar. 2020.

Melissa Nicolas

Workshops that Work.” Inside Higher Education [Washington, D.C.], 19 Nov, 2020.

Johanna Phelps

Engaging Assets in Writing Studies Research: Ethics, Participants, and Public Policy. Research in Writing Studies Series. Abingdon-on-Thames, UK: Rutledge. Forthcoming.

“The Transformative Paradigm: Equipping Technical Communication Researchers for Socially Just Work.” Technical Communication Quarterly. Forthcoming.

“Programmatic Outcomes in Undergraduate Technical and Professional Communication Programs.” Technical Communication Quarterly, Forthcoming.

“Language Matters: Meaning Making in the Federal Re-definition of ‘Vulnerable.’” Present Tense: A Journal of Rhetoric and Society, vol. 8, no. 2, 2020. Forthcoming.

“Modernization Updates to the Common Rule: Recommendations for Researchers Working with Human Participants.” IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication, vol. 63, no. 1, Mar, 2020, pp. 85-95, doi: 10.1109/TPC.2019.2961011 .

Anna Plemons

“I’m Just Tryin’ To Look Over that Wall: Relational Methodologies and Decolonial Outcomes for the Prison Writing Classroom.” Teaching Writing and Literature in Prison. New York: Modern Languages Association (MLA), Forthcoming.

Beyond Progress in the Prison Classroom: Options and Opportunities. Urbana: National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), 2019.

Donna Potts

“Professing to Power.” Me Too, Feminist Theory, and Surviving Sexual Violence in the Academy, edited by Gray-Rosendale, et al., Lanham, ME: Lexington Books, 2020, pp. 181-198.

“Nancy L. Van Doren: WSU’s Founding Mother,” Bunchgrass Historian: A Newsletter of the Whitman County Historical Society, vol. 45, no. 3, 2019, p. 3-4.

Michael Rabby

Digital Games.” Digital Technology and Culture: An Open Education Resource, 2019.

Linda Russo

“you rip them up, you understand,” “our many small faces,” “another new species of song.” Interim. Forthcoming.

“Ways of Being Earthly: Sympoetic Ecopoesis and Birds in Larry Eigner’s Poems.” Momentous Inconclusions: New Essays on Larry Eigner, edited by Bartlett and Hart, University of New Mexico Press, 15 Dec, 2020.

“cc.” South Dakota Review, vol. 52, no. 3-4, 2019.

Cetochronology of Grief.” Quarterly West, vol. 98, 2019.

Jeffrey Sander

“Duwamps: Extreme Makeover Edition.” Green Contradictions: Urban Cascadia and the Pursuit of Environmental Justice, edited by Janos and McKendry, Seattle: UW Press. Forthcoming.

“And the Children Shall Lead Us Out of Climate Catastrophe,” Op Ed, Seattle Times, 18 Mar, 2019.

Nishant Shahani

Queer Intimacy During Seditious Times: Revisiting the Case of Ramchandra Siras.” South Asia Multidisciplinary Academic Journal: Special Issue on Gender and Sedition [Online], edited by Shah, vol. 20, 2019.

Something Like a Whole: The Utopian Promise of Queer Retrosexuality in Samuel Delany’s Motion of Light in Water.” Race and Utopian Desire in American Literature and Society, edited by Ventura and Chan, 12 Oct, 2019, Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave and Macmillan, pp. 183-200.

Julie Staggers

Business and Professional Writing Class. Writing Commons.org. Forthcoming.

Rosamond Thalken

Text Analysis With R: For Students of Literature. 2nd ed., New York: Springer. Forthcoming.

Pamela Thoma

“Novels: Critical Dialogues and Scholarship.” Approaches to Teaching the Works of Karen Tei Yamashita, edited by Hsu and Thoma, New York: Modern Language Association of America, Forthcoming.

“Brazil-Maru and the Narrative Space of Impersonal Feelings.” Approaches to Teaching the Works of Karen Tei Yamashita, edited by Hsu and Thoma, New York: Modern Language Association of America, Forthcoming.

“Karen Tei Yamashita: A Writer in Motion.” Approaches to Teaching the Works of Karen Tei Yamashita, edited by Hsu and Thoma, New York: Modern Language Association of America, Forthcoming.

“Contemporary Asian American Women’s Popular Literature and Neoliberal Form.” Asian American Literature in Transition edited by Huang and Mendoza, Cambridge UP, 2020.

Victor Villanueva

“Rhetoric and Composition Studies.” English Studies: An Introduction to the Discipline(s), 2nd ed. Urbana: National Council of Teachers (NCTE), Forthcoming.

Mode Meshing: Before the New World was New.” Talking Back: Senior Scholars Deliberate on the Past, Present, and Future of Writing Studies, edited by Elliot and Horning, Utah State UP, May 2020.

Afterword. Rhetorics Elsewhere and Otherwise: Contested Modernities, Decolonial Visions, edited by Baca and Garcia, National Council of Teachers (NCTE), 2019, p. 225-228.

Lauren Westerfield

“Cramping at the Bone.” Denver Quarterly, Forthcoming.

[This Body] Fictions.” Third Coast Magazine, issue 48, 2020.

Roger T. Whitson

Now: A Kit for Digital Mindfulness.” Enculturation, 18 Nov, 2019.

Making ‘Comics as Scholarship.’ A Reflection on the Process Behind DHQ 9.4.” Kairos, vol. 23, no. 1.