Recent and Forthcoming Publications

Bell, Nancy D.

Refereed Journal Articles (Published)

  • Stephen, S., Bell, N. D., Dascalu, M., & Crossley, S. (2022). A fork is a food stabber: Linguistic creativity in English L1 and L2 speakers. Cognitive Science Society, 44, 1970-1976.

Invited Papers

  • Bell, N. D. Humor and irony. Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics, 2nd ed. Wiley.
  • Bell, N. D. (2022). Failed humor. The De Gruyter Handbook of Humor Studies. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.

Bennett, Jeanetta G.

Book Chapter (Published)

Boyd, Ashley

Journal Article (Published)

  • Succio, T., Donovan, S., Boyd, A., Hill, C., Bickmore, S. & Unsicker-Durham, S. (2023). Exploring trends in a growing field: A content analysis of young adult literature [scholarly] book publications 2000-2020. English Education, 55(2), 116-135.
  • Clark, C., Skrlac Lo, R., Boyd, A., Cook, M., Crawley, A., & Rish, R. (2022). New conceptual tools for be(coming) antiracist (teacher) educators at PWIs. English Teaching: Practice & Critique, 21(4), 364-378.
  • Boyd, A., & Darragh, J. (2022). Reading The Serpent King to connect to students’ lives and experiences in rural contexts. English Education, 54(3), 219-235.

Non-Refereed Journal Article (Published)

  • Cook, M., Boyd, A., & Sams, B. (2022). Constructions of youth and responses to problematic authors: Examining ELA teachers’ choices to select or avoid Sherman Alexie. English Teaching: Practice and Critique, 21(4), 350-363.
  • Jeffries, M., Boyd, A., & Darragh, J. (2022). Disrupting monolithic representations of LGBTQ+ youth: Moving toward intersectionality. Research on Diversity in Youth Literature, 4(2).
  • Boyd, A., Dyches, J., & Bonilla, Á. (2022). The foundations of critical teaching: Exploring practicing teachers’ social justice knowledges. Teacher Education Quarterly, 49(1), 7-28.

Blog Post (Published)

  • Wolney, R., & Boyd, A. (2022). Disabilities studies with YAL in the English classroom. Dr. Bickmore’s YA Wednesday.

Encyclopedia or Catalog Entry (Published)

  • Boyd, A., & Darragh, J. (2022). Jason Reynolds. Young Adult Novelists, Second Series: Dictionary of Literary Biography.

Book (Submitted)

  • Boyd, A., Dyches, J., Baker, K., & Kaulfuss, A. Power tools: 30 critical disciplinary literacy strategies for 6-12 classrooms. 1720B Lagomarcino Hall.
  • Dyches, J., Sams, B., & Boyd, A. Acts of resistance: Subversive reaching in the English language arts classroom. Gorham, ME: Myers Education Press.

Book Chapter (Submitted)

  • Darragh, J., Boyd, A. Content analysis of research in young adult literature. Oxford Handbook of Young Adult Literature.

Burkhard, Tanja

Refereed Journal Articles (Accepted)

  • Burkhard, T. (2023). Translating (in) the margins: The dilemmas, ethics, and politics of transnational feminist approach to translating in multilingual qualitative research. Qualitative Research.

Cozza, Vanessa M.

Book (Accepted)

  • Cozza, V. Children’s Board Games in the Nineteenth Century: The Shaping of Early America’s Youth. Lexington Books.  

Delahoyde, Michael E.

Book Review (Accepted)

  • Delahoyde, M. E. Behind the mask of Shakespeare, by Abel Lefranc. Trans. Frank Lawler (1st ed., vol. 30). London: The De Vere Society.

Book (In Preparation; Not Yet Submitted)

  • In M. E. Delahoyde (Ed.), The Comedy of Errors. An Oxfordian edition of the Shakespeare play.

Newsletter (Published)

  • (2022). In M. E. Delahoyde (Ed.), The Shakespeare guide to the Comedy of Errors. By Richard Paul Roe. (1st ed., vol. 59). Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship.

Newsletter (Accepted)

  • Delahoyde, M. E. Unfinished Oxfordian research into Venetian art. (3rd ed., vol. 58, pp. 30-32). Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship.

Eddy, Robert F.

Book Chapter (Published)

  • Eddy, R. F., & Alsawaier, R. (2022). Foundations of rhetoric in Ibn Hazm: Selections from Ring of the Dove and A Treatise on the Cure of Souls and the Improvement of Manners. In H. Wu & T. Graban (Eds.), Global rhetorical traditions (pp. 47-66). Parlor Press.
  • (2022). From Columbus to Churchill: Heroes, villains, and confronting racism. In S. M. Ghazanfar & R. F. Eddy (Eds.), From Columbus to Churchill: Heroes, villains, and confronting Racism. Costa Mesa, CA: Mazda Publishers.

Book Chapter (Accepted)

  • Eddy, R. F. (2022). Anti-racism, Zhuangzi’s Happy Wanderer, and overcoming the Crusades. Cross-Talking with an American Academic of Color: Essays in Honor of Victor Villanueva. Chicago: submitted to the CCCC Studies in Writing and Rhetoric Series (SWR).

Edwards, Michael R.

Book (In Preparation)

  • Edwards, M. R. Composition and 19th-Century economic change.

Glazebrook, Patricia

Invited Paper (Published)

  • Glazebrook, P. (2022). Being human being: Dasein, civilization, capital, and home (12th ed., pp. 179-76).

Grigar, Rudyne M.

Book Chapter (Published)

  • Grigar, R. M., & Snyder, R. (2022). Metadata for Access: VR and beyond. The Future of Text, 3, 231-235.

Heidenreich, L.

Book Review (Published)

  • Heidenreich, L. (2022). Book review. [Review of Brown Trans Figurations: Rethinking race, gender, and sexuality in Chicanx/Latinx Studies, by F. J. Galarte]. The History Teacher, 55(3), 559-561.

Book (Accepted)

  • Heidenreich, L., & Urquijo Ruiz, R. Handbook in Chicanx/Latinx Studies. University of Arizona Press.

Hunter, Leeann D.

Refereed Journal Article (Accepted)

  • Hunter, L. D. (2023). The family artist: Women’s narratives of self-help and self-sacrifice in Victorian England.

Book Review (Published)

  • Hunter, L. D. (2023). Book review. [Review of the book Material ambitions: Self-help and Victorian literature, by R. Richardson]. Nineteenth-century contexts, 45(1), 82-84, DOI: 10.1080/08905495.2023.2163764

Jockers, Matthew L.

Non-Refereed Journal Articles (Published)

  • Jockers, M. L., Sag, M., & Schultz, J. Brief of digital humanities and law scholars as Amici Curiae in Authors Guild v. Google. SSRN Electronic Journal.
  • Jockers, M. L., Sag, M., & Schultz, J. Brief of digital humanities and law scholars as Amici Curiae in Authors Guild v. Hathitrust. SSRN Electronic Journal.
  • Jockers, M. L., Sag, M., & Schultz, J. Brief of digital humanities and law scholars as Amici Curiae in Support of Defendant-Appellees and Affirmance, (The Authors Guild, Inc., et al., v. Google, Inc., et al.) (Second Circuit). SSRN Electronic Journal.
  • Jockers, M. L., Sag, M., & Schultz, J. Digital archives: Don’t let copyright block data mining. Nature, 490(7418), 29-30.
  • Lei, L., & Jockers, M. L. Normalized dependency distance: Proposing a new measure. Journal of Quantitative Linguistics, 1-18.
  • Jockers, M. L., Witten, D. M., & Criddle, C. S. Reassessing authorship of the Book of Mormon using delta and nearest shrunken centroid classification. Literary and Linguistic Computing, 23(4), 465-491.

Book Chapter (Published)

Lee, Debbie

Refereed Journal Article (Published)

Book Chapter (Published)

  • Lee, D. (2022). Wilderness. In P. Remien & S. Slovic (Eds.), Nature and literary studies (Cambridge Critical Concepts, pp. 65-86). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. doi:10.1017/9781108872263.005

Book Chapter (Accepted)

  • Lee, D., & Oforlea, A. Not Freedom. In The Cambridge companion to romanticism and race. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Levy, Buddy

Book (Published)

  • Levy, L. T. (2022). Empire of ice and stone: The disastrous and heroic voyage of the Karluk. New York, St. Martin’s Press.

Luers, William

Book Review (Published)

Maierhofer, Grant

Book (Published)

McGill, Cameron

Book (Submitted)

  • McGill, C. (2022). 46.7324° N, 117.0002° W. In T. Cane (Ed.), Yes, the poetry is bread anthology. Nirala Publications.

Nicolas, Melissa

Book Chapter (Published)

  • Nicolas, M. & Sicari, A. (2022). Introduction. In M. Nicolas & A. Sicari (Eds.), Our body of work: Embodied writing program administration and teaching (pp. 3-25). Logan, Utah.

Book Chapter (Accepted)

  • Nicolas, M. (2022). Be human: Permission to teach with humanity. In P. Ready & A. Hubrig (Eds.), Anti-ableist composition: Writing studies and accessibility in unprecedented times.

Oforlea, Aaron N.

Book Chapter (Accepted)

  • Oforlea, A. N. (2023). Toni Morrison’s Recitatif. In Short Story Criticism. Gale-Cengage.

Plemons, Anna C.

Book Chapter (Published)

  • Owens, M., & Plemons, A. (2022). Write here and now: Co-creating respectful and responsive prison classrooms. In K. Coffey & V. Katsanis (Eds.) A socially just classroom: Transdisciplinary approaches to teaching writing across the humanities (pp. 235-250). Wilmington, Delaware: Vernon Press.
  • Plemons, A. C., & Carlson, J. (2022). A future with fewer walls and more poets. In S. Jackson, M. Foss, and S. Press (Eds.) The book of Judith: Opening hearts through poetry (pp. 90-105). New York, New York: New Village Press.

Rabby, Michael K.

Book Chapter (Revising to Resubmit)

  • Oppegaard, B., & Rabby, M. K. Inclusive measures: Establishing audio description tactics that impact social inclusion. EquilibriUX: Extending localized usability to achieve agency and balance in the design of technical communication. SUNY Press.

Russo, Linda

Refereed Journal Articles (Published)

  • Russo, L. (2022). 4 poems: amidst disturbances, seeds grow, i see a lot of things, greening, and many departures occur. Interim.
  • Russo, L. (2022). With Táamsas (poem). Plumwood Mountain Journal, 9(1).

Refereed Journal Articles (Submitted)

  • Russo, L. Poems. Bennington Review.
  • Russo, L. Poems. TriQuarterly.
  • Russo, L. Poems. Barrow Street.
  • Russo, L. Poems. conjunctions.
  • Russo, L. Poems. Agni.
  • Russo, L. Breathable Worlds. Paideuma.

Book Chapter (Published)

  • Russo, L. (2022). Dreams – Morning – Noontime – Afternoon – Evening – Night. In B. Klaver (Ed.) Midwinter Constellation. Black Lawrence Press.

Book Chapter (Accepted)

  • Russo, L. (2021). Dreams, Morning, Noontime, Afternoon, Evening, and Night. Midwinter Constellation. Black Lawrence Press.

Abstract (Accepted)

  • Russo, L. (2021). Decolonial praxis/indigenous resurgence: Relational accountability in ‘Kin Study’ poetics. The Routledge Companion to Ecopoetics.
  • Russo, L. (2021). The splendor of self-invention: Joanne Kyger’s proto-feminist parody, ‘Descartes and the Splendor Of’. Poet in Place and Time: Critical Essays on Joanne Kyger.

Essay in Book (Submitted)

  • Russo, L. (2021). Decolonial Praxis/Indigenous Resurgence: Relational Accountability in ‘Kin Study’ Poetics. The Routledge Companion to Ecopoetics.

Schwartz, Elissa

Refereed Journal Article (Submitted)

  • Tchoumi, S. Y., Schwartz, E. J., & Tchuenche, J. M. A mathematical model of COVID-19 with differential infectivity and vaccination boosters. Journal of Biological Dynamics.
  • Hull-Nye, D., Meadows, T., Smith, S. R., & Schwartz, E. J. Key factors and parameter ranges for immune control of equine infectious anemia virus infection. Viruses.

Refereed Journal Article (In Preparation)

  • Hewage, I., Church, K., & Schwartz, E. J. Investigating the dynamics of COVID-19 infection with vaccination and differential morbidity: a mathematical and numerical analysis. Journal of Biological Dynamics.

Thoma, Pamela

Book Chapter (Accepted)

  • Trinh, J., & Thoma, P. (2023). The life and death and re-life of Jason Todd: Childhood innocence, the trauma of death, and the failure of parenthood. In The Undead Child.

Wilde, Patricia A.

Book Chapter (Published)

  • Wilde, P. A., & Manis, K. (2022). A matter of order: The power of provenance in the Mercury Collection of Marion Lamm. In G. Kirsch, R. Garcia, C. Burns Allen, & W. Smith (Eds.) Unsettling archival research: Engaging critical, communal, and digital archives (pp. 67-79). Southern Illinois University Press.

Book (Revising to Resubmit)

  • Wilde, P. A. Winning our wonder: Rhetorical re/constructions of women in the American Civil War. University of South Carolina Press.

Wolf, Melanie A.

Refereed Journal Article (In Preparation; Not Yet Submitted)

  • Wolf, M. A., & Peterson, A. Mortality of justice-involved individuals.

Non-Refereed Journal Article (In Preparation; Not Yet Submitted)

Wolf, M. A., & Willits, D. The influence of micro- and macro-level factors on the accuracy of international mortality statistics.