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Department of English Careers

Careers in English

Administrative analyst, engineering
Administrative analyst, logistic support
Administrative assistant
Administrative associate, engineering
Administrative secretary
Advertising assistant
Advertising trainee
Air traffic controller
Alcohol and tobacco tax investigator
Area inspection foreman
Assistant to works manager
Associate industrial engineer
Associate programmer
Associate writer
Author and creative writing professor
Bank examiner trainee
Border patrol agent
Broadcast analyst
Budget specialist
Building management officer
Building management specialist
Buyer trainee
Catalog reference librarian
Claim adjustor trainee
Claims examiner
College president
Communication director
Community college instructor
Computer operator
Computer programmer
Consular officer
Contract specialist
Corporate sales manager
Customer service representative
Data-processing programmer
Director of business development
Director, personnel planning & development
Distribution facilities specialist
Distribution staff aid
Editing, publication group supervisor
Editor, book publishing
Editor, house publication
Editorial assistant
Editorial supervisor
Educational specialist
Elementary school teacher
Employee development specialist
Employment interviewer
Engineering information analyst
Equal employment investigator conciliator
Equal employment opportunities specialist
Expediter, purchasing
Federal security agent
Financial management specialist
Foreign service officer
Fund raiser and professional writer
General administrator
General assistant
General manager, products
High school teacher
Highway safety management specialist
Insurance executive
Journal editor
Legal secretary
Legislative affairs specialist
Management analyst
Management intern
Manager, communication services
Manager, process systems
Manager, sales administration
Manager, systems center
Market data analyst
Medical administrative specialist
Metallurgical assistant
Methods analyst
Owner, microbrewery marketing firm
Packaging engineer
Personnel adviser
Personnel management specialist
Personnel representative
Poet and teacher
Position classification specialist
Press relations assistant
Printing assistant
Procurement specialist
Production trainee
Professional employment representative
Program analyst
Program specialist
Project designer
Public affairs officer
Public information assistant
Public information specialist
Publication sales manager
Realty specialist
Regional representative
Research assistant
Researcher and writer, political journal
Revenue officer
Sales trainee
School counselor
Scientific information assistant
Senior accountant
Senior administrative associate
Senior aircraft service manuals engineer
Senior aircraft structures engineer
Senior business development analyst
Senior copywriter
Senior engineer senior market application analyst
Senior mathematician
Senior production liaison engineer
Senior technical representative
Service correspondent
Social insurance representative
Speech writer for state governor
Supervisor, claims
Supply management specialist
Systems analyst
Technical information specialist
Technical librarian
Technical writer
Teleprocessing analyst
Time study consultant
Training specialist
Transportation industry analyst
Treasury enforcement agent
University professor
Vice principal, middle school
Wage and salary representative
Writer and editor

Career Planning

A degree in English provides an excellent basis for students preparing for careers that demand good professional or creative writing skills, planning to teach secondary school, or intending to pursue graduate degrees.
All majors are urged to discuss career plans early with their advisors, their professors, and the Director of Undergraduate Studies. The WSU Center for Advising and Career Development and its counselors are valuable aids in planning and pursuing careers, both early and late.Materials on options in the English major and the careers they can lead to are available in Avery 202J.