Undergraduate Studies

An English undergraduate degree at Washington State University will take you where you want to go. It is versatile and expansive, offers hands-on experiential learning opportunities, a perfect fit for the modern world.

The English major offers students a comprehensive critical and cultural understanding of literature, creative writing, rhetoric, and literary studies. Majors gain both historical context and contemporary perspectives while practicing the writing and analytical skills that are vital to success in both academic and professional environments.

The program of study is flexible by design, encouraging interdisciplinarity and permitting students to focus on specific areas of interest. Undergraduates pursue electives, minors, and second majors in other departments, and explore hands-on internship and certificate opportunities to enrich their education and prepare for graduate studies and future careers alike.

Our diverse curriculum is bound together by a series of Student Learning Outcomes.

The curriculum is designed for:

  • Students who desire a broad education emphasizing writing, language, and literature
  • Students who wish to teach or to prepare for graduate studies in literature, creative writing, English education, or rhetoric and professional writing
  • Students who intend to use the skills learned in the major as a foundation for careers in writing, editing, law, business, or public service