Undergraduate Scholarships, Awards, and Application Procedures

All English majors who wish to be considered for Bundy, Jerard, Rawlins, Seehafer, and Slonim Scholarships can apply here (supplemental materials—creative writing samples—are required for the Rawlins and Slonim). The Scholarship Application portal closes on 1/31. The deadline for complete applications for the Rawlins and Slonim scholarships and Weems award is in February. Although an individual student will not be awarded more than one of these four scholarships during a given academic year, an applicant may request consideration for any for which he or she may be eligible.

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April Seehafer Scholarship Fund:

This scholarship is awarded to undergraduate women majoring in the English options of Rhetoric and Professional Writing or Literary Studies. Candidates must have at least a 3.0 GPA, be of sophomore standing or above, and a demonstrated need for additional resources to afford educational expenses. Recipients receive a $1,000 award toward tuition ($500 each semester).

Basil and Ella Alexander Jerard Scholarship:

These scholarships are given to outstanding, full-time English majors on the basis of merit (or a combination of merit and financial need). Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 is required to apply. Recipients (eight to ten students annually) receive a $1,000 award toward tuition ($500 each semester).

Emmett and Mary Avery Writing Awards:

English majors and other undergraduates in lower- and upper-division writing and literature classes are eligible for these annual awards on a nomination basis only. Papers are submitted to the competition by decision of individual English instructors; recipients receive a $100 award credited to their university account and a recognition gift.

Ruth B. Slonim Poetry Scholarship

Recipients of the Slonim scholarship should intend to major or minor in English; should preferably be incoming freshmen; and should demonstrate exceptional literary aptitude (by submitting either a selection of poetry, fiction, or literary analysis). 3-5 poems, a work of fiction, or a literary essay (1000-1500 words).

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Jennie Brown Rawlins Scholarship in Creative Writing:

  • Sample in 2 genres: Poetry, Fiction, or Creative Non-fiction (3000 words total)
  • Personal statement that exhibits evidence of your creative ability, future promise, and skills in at least two creative writing genres (250 words maximum).

Recipients receive a $2,000 award toward tuition ($1,000 each semester).

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Murray W. Bundy Scholarship:

Two or more Scholarships can be given annually to outstanding, full-time, junior or senior English majors committed to a career in secondary teaching; recipients receive a $1500 award toward tuition ($750 each semester). Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and enrollment in English Teaching option is required to apply.

Sarah Weems Award for Creative Nonfiction:

Students of any major may apply. Submit a creative nonfiction prose sample of one or two pieces of work (3000 words max).

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