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Department of English Meet Our Students

Current Graduate Students

 NameProgramResearch AreasContact
Wyn AndrewsPhD Rhetoric and
Alaa BasseeMA
Lindsey CarmanPhD
Matthew ChericoMA
Misty EllingburgPhD Rhetoric and
Julie FloresMA
Elizabeth ForsythePhD
Rhetoric and Composition
Victorian Literature, Ecopoetics, Disability Studies, Cultural
Chanelle Fournier

PhD Rhetoric and Composition
Hayden GannMA
pic-goldmanAmy GoldmanPhD
Curtis-HartyCurtis HartyPhD LiteratureGender Studies, Queer Theory, Cultural Studies, Popular Culture, Popular Fiction, and Sci-fi and Fantasy
Nazua IdrisPhD
Nikki KaurMA
Rhetoric and Composition
I am interested in researching how non-native English speakers help to expand the English language, as well as our understanding of
Nick KoenisPhD
Matthew KollmerMA Literature19th and 20th Century American Literature, Genre Studies, Cultural Studies, Digital Humanities, and Creative
Kathryn ManisPhD
Edrees-NawabiEdrees NawabiPhD Rhetoric and
Jessie PadillaPhD Rhetoric and
Heather RamosPhD LiteratureContemporary American Literature, African American Literature, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Medical and Environmental
Edie-Marie Roper

PhD Rhetoric and CompositionComposition pedagogy; access to higher education and Trio programs; ideologies of social class;
intersections of race, class, and gender;
rhetoric of narratives and creative writing; religious rhetorics
Salazar, Mary ElizaethPhD
Sherwin SalesPhD Rhetoric and CompositionComposition Studies, Writing Center Theory, Filipino American Studies, Asian American
Richard SnyderPhD LiteratureEarly Modern Poetry & Drama, Book History, Visual Culture, Digital
Rasina-TanvirRasina TanvirPhD
Brooklyn WalterPhD Rhetoric and
Leah-WilsonLeah WilsonPhD LiteratureLate 20th and Early 21st Century Women's Literature, Contemporary Feminisms, Gender and Sexuality Studies,
Rachael WolneyPhD
Dillan WrightMA
Rhetoric and Composition
Digital Rhetoric, Rhetoric of Social