Editing and Publishing Certificate

Editing and Publishing Certificate

The Editing and Publishing certificate (EPC) is a customizable, career-oriented curriculum that allows students across the College of Arts & Sciences to learn fundamental editorial tools in an interdisciplinary context. Our certificate offers a uniquely integrative option for enhancing professional skills and preparing students for a variety of career opportunities.

Students enrolled in the certificate will complete three core courses as well as electives and internships in one of three thematic tracks: literary, digital, or popular/scholarly editing and publishing. A total of 15 credits is required to earn the certificate. There are no prerequisites for enrolling in the EPC, although interested students are encouraged to register by spring semester of sophomore year (and no later than the fall semester of junior year).

A version of the certificate is also available for Global Campus and non-degree-seeking online students. Details can be found here: https://online.wsu.edu/online-degrees/certificates/editing-and-publishing-undergraduate-certificate/

General requirements and course options for Pullman students are listed below.

Core Curriculum [3 courses/9 credits]:

  • DTC 201 – Tools and Methods for Digital Technology
  • ENG 357 – Editing & Publishing
  • ENG 405 – Advanced Professional Writing and Editing

Electives [1 course/3 credits]:

  • Digital Track – emphasis on multimedia authorship, digital media tools, information and project management, web development, art/graphic design, and information architecture.
    • DTC 330, 331, 336, 354, or 475
  • Literary Track – emphasis on literary journals, creative writing, and literary agent/editor/publishing careers.
    • Engl 451, 452, or 453
  • Popular/Scholarly Track – emphasis on industry tools and conventions of grammar, copyediting, ESL editing and literacy, business, professional, and magazine writing, diversity, accessibility, and rhetoric.
    • Engl 255, 363, 364, 402, 403, or 495

Note: Visiting Writers Series workshops may also be used as an elective for the literary track.

Internships [3 single-credit 498 course enrollments]:

Students may pursue internships with the organizations listed below, and/or seek approval from the Editing & Publishing Certificate Coordinator for unlisted or external internship opportunities.

Selected Internship Venues:

For more information, questions, and updates regarding the Pullman certificate program, please contact Grant Maierhofer: grant.maierhofer@wsu.edu.

For information about the Global Campus online certificate program, please contact Lauren Westerfield: lauren.westerfield@wsu.edu.


  • Email Editing & Publishing Coordinator Grant Maierhofer at grant.maierhofer@wsu.edu to request enrollment in the certificate. In your email, please indicate your intended certificate track.  
  • Before your last semester at WSU, check with the English Department Academic Advisor, Cheyenne Gaspar, to make sure that all your requirements are satisfied.