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Department of English Editing and Publishing Certificate





Blood Orange Review interns and editors discussing submissions in the Bundy Reading Room

Editing and Publishing Certificate

The Editing and Publishing Certificate (EPC) is a customizable, career-oriented curriculum that allows students already attracted to the field of editing and publishing to learn fundamental editorial tools in an interdisciplinary context. Students will complete three core courses as well as electives and internships in one of three thematic tracks: literary, digital, or popular/scholarly editing and publishing. By diversifying our approach to meet the needs of students across the College of Arts & Sciences, our certificate offers a uniquely integrative option for enhancing professional skills and preparing students for a variety of career opportunities.

A total of 15 credit hours is required to earn the certificate. There are no prerequisites for enrolling in the EPC. Students must complete courses from the following list:

Core Curriculum [9 credit hours]: DTC 201, ENGL 357, ENGL 405 

Electives [3 credit hours]:

  • Digital Track: DTC 330, 331, 336, 354, or 475
  • Literary Track: ENGL 451, 452, or 453
  • Popular/Scholarly Track: ENGL 255, 363, 364, 402, 403, or 495

Note: Visiting Writers Series workshops may also be used as an elective for the Literary track.

Internships [3 credit hours]: 498

Selected Internship Venues:

For more information, contact Lauren W. Westerfield:


  1. Fill out the Editing & Publishing Certificate Registration Form
  2. Request the Editing & Publishing Certificate Coordinator to sign the form.
  3. Before your last semester at WSU, check with the Academic Advisor to make sure that all your requirements are satisfied.