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Assistant Professor, WSU-Pullman Ashley Boyd



Ashley S. Boyd is Assistant Professor of English Education at Washington State University where she teaches graduate courses on critical and cultural theory and undergraduate courses on English Methods and Young Adult Literature. A former secondary English language arts teacher, Ashley’s current scholarship examines practicing teachers’ social justice pedagogies and their critical content knowledge; explores how young adult literature is an avenue for cultivating students’ critical literacies; and investigates the implementation of state-mandated tribal curriculum in secondary schools in Washington.  Her forthcoming book with Teachers College Press, Social Justice Literacies in the English Classroom:  Teaching Practice in Action, analyzes case studies of practicing English teachers to identify specific pedagogic approaches for advancing equity both inside and outside of the classroom.  She has published in the Journal of Teacher Education, Teacher Education Quarterly, Educational Studies, the International Journal of Critical Pedagogy, and the ALAN Review. 

Selected Publications

  • Dyches, J. & Boyd, A.  (2017).  Foregrounding equity in teacher education: Toward a model of social justice pedagogical and content knowledge (SJPACK).  Journal of Teacher Education, DOI: 10.1177/0022487117705097.
  • Boyd, A. & Dyches, J.  (2017).  Taking down walls:  Countering dominant narratives of the immigrant experience through the teaching of Enrique’s JourneyThe ALAN Review, 42(2), 31-42
  • Boyd, A. & Glazier, J.  (2017).  The choreography of conversation:  An exploration of collaboration and difficult discussions in cross disciplinary teacher discourse communities.  The High School Journal, 100 (2), 130-145.
  • Boyd, A., La Garry, A., & Cain, J.  (2016).  Moving from self to system: A framework for social justice centered on issues and action.  International Journal of Critical Pedagogy, 7 (2), 171-197.
  • Boyd, A. (2016).  Deconstructing a new teacher savior:  Paladins and politics in Won’t Back Down.  In M. Schoffner, (Ed.), Exploring teachers in fiction and film:  Saviors, scapegoats and schoolmarms (pp. 160-170)New York: Routledge.
  • Boyd, A.  (2014).  Dètournement as anti-oppressive pedagogy and invitation to crisis:  Queering gender in a preservice teacher education classroom.  In J. Trier, (Ed.), Detournement as pedagogical praxis (pp. 107-128). Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.

Research Interests

Professor Boyd’s research centers on issues related to social justice and English Education. With regard to preservice teacher education, she examines pedagogies that seek to enhance the critical consciousness and social justice dispositions of those who plan to enter the profession of teaching. Related to practicing teachers, she investigates how teachers implement texts related to social justice themes including addressing race, class, and gender, as well as how critical approaches can be applied to canonical texts. She also explores how teachers engage in discursive constructions about these issues, investigating the ways that we construct our beliefs and pedagogies through language. As a whole, her work is aimed at broadening traditional notions of multicultural education so as to open space for action-oriented methods that encourage students to see themselves as agents of change in their present contexts.

Graduate Supervision Interests


  • Young adult literature and critical literacy
  • New literacy studies
  • Social justice education
  • Cultural studies and education
  • Critiques of schooling and inequity
  • Teacher discourse communities
  • Qualitative research and critical discourse approaches in educational settings