Diane Gillespie



Diane F. Gillespie specializes in late nineteenth and early twentieth-century British literature. Her special interests include modern fiction and drama especially by women writers as well as relationships between verbal and visual art forms. With a University of Minnesota M.A. she taught at Stephens College and, with a University of Alberta, Edmonton, PhD., she taught for 26 years in WSU’s English Department. She is the author of The Sisters’ Arts: The Writing and Painting of Virginia Woolf and Vanessa Bell and editor of Virginia Woolf’s Roger Fry: A Biography and The Multiple Muses of Virginia Woolf. She has co-edited Julia Duckworth Stephen: Stories for Children, Essays for Adults, Virginia Woolf and the Arts (a selected papers volume), and Cicely Hamilton’s play Diana of Dobson’s. In addition to these six books, she has published numerous journal articles and book chapters. Most recent essays appear in Maggie Humm’s Edinburgh Companion to Virginia Woolf and the Arts, Helen Southworth’s The Hogarth Press and the Networks of Modernism, and Virginia Woolf: Twenty-First-Century Approaches edited by Jeanne Dubino et. al.