Elizabeth Siler

Elizabeth Siler

Elizabeth Siler


Liz Siler is the ESL Specialist in the English Department. As such, she teaches and coordinates the ESL classes offered by the department. She also trains graduate students interested in learning to teach ESL students. As a member of the Graduate Language Proficiency Subcommittee, Liz Siler teaches Spanish classes and provides French language assistance for graduate students who are preparing to take the graduate foreign language proficiency exam. She serves on a number of master’s and doctoral committees.


She is the principal author/co-author of American Picture Show (Prentice Hall); 102 Very Teachable Films (Prentice Hall); Five Star Films (Prentice Hall); Success Video Workbooks 1-4 (Addison Wesley-Longman).

She is also the translation editor of The Tale of the Phoenix by Indian novelist Dalip Kaur Tiwana.

Research Interests:

Liz Siler’s primary research interest is in the area of second language reading.

Teaching Interests:

Liz Siler serves as the language advisor for the ESL graduate students in all departments.