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Professor Susan Ross

Susan Ross


PhD, University of Florida

Susan Ross is committed to the advancement of social justice and peace and believes that the careful telling of our lives provides fertile ground for compassion, connection, and cooperation. Her profoundly interdisciplinary work draws upon graduate training in journalism, international mass media, law, public policy, and economics, as well as deep and continuing reading in cultural studies, social movements, and peace studies. A Fulbright Scholar and the 2008-‘09 University of Calgary Research Fellow in Peace Studies, she has been a Visiting fellow in Greece, Israel and North Cyprus. Her teaching, research, and writing are also informed by life experience as a vocational rehabilitation instructor, a reporter, and a small-town newspaper owner.


Susan Ross’ early research explored the role of media and law in differential power and voice in the United States.  Related work in the emerging field of peace communication propels numerous international scholarly presentations and workshops for journalists and scholars throughout the Middle East. She has taught a range of writing courses, seminars on social change and identity, and classes on the freedom of speech, the cost of free speech, qualitative and critical discourse methods, and the means and meaning of texts across different media. She is co-editor of Images that Injure and author/co-author of two textbooks on media law. Her recent publications include:

Bratic, Vladimir, Ross, Susan D. and Kang Hyeonjin. (in press, 2008). Bosnia’s Open Broadcast Network: A brief but illustrative foray into peace journalism practice.Global Media Journal.

Ross, Susan Dente. (in press, 2008). A summer’s pastime: Strategic construction of the 2006 war in Lebanon. Peace & Policy 13, 47-61.

Ross, Susan Dente. (Fall 2007). Peace Journalism: Constructive media in a global community. Global Media Journal: Mediterranean Edition 2:2, 33-81.

Cuillier, David & Susan Dente Ross (2007). Gambling with identity: Self-representation of American Indians on official tribal Web sites. Howard Journal of Communication, 18:3, 197-219. London: Taylor & Francis.

Bishop, Jared, Jezreel Kang-Graham, Jay Hmielowski, Andrew Morozov, Brion White & Susan Dente Ross (2007). Discourses of Blame and Responsibility: U.S./Canadian Media Representations of Palestinian/Israeli Relations. conflict & communication 6:1. Berlin: Regener Publishing House.

Research Interests:

Susan Ross’ current research focuses on the social construction of the self and others (with specific attention to conflict and reconciliation) as performed through public discourse. Such work includes critical discourse studies of the construction of the U.S./Mexico border in U.S. media texts, U.S. and Canadian news construction of the 2006 Israeli summer war in Lebanon, and U.S. public discourses on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Rooted in her deep fascination with memoirs and essays as cultural artifacts and sites of self-determination and resistance, her current creative non-fiction project, The Bad Girl and the Delinquent, shares the stories of two contemporary North Carolina natives who were forcibly sterilized by the state.