Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies


Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies is an interdisciplinary degree program that places gender and sexuality at the center of analysis, preparing students for careers in a diverse world and for developing strategies in social and institutional change. Inquiry focuses on historical and contemporary struggles for justice and the critique of structural inequalities within which categories of difference, including gender, sexuality, race, class, age, nationality, and ability, intersect.

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Program Strengths

  • Faculty work in a number of new research areas, including theories of identities and bodies, women and the environment, feminist theory, queer theory, third-world feminism, and critical race feminism.
  • The program maintains close relations with the Women’s Center and the Gender Identity/Expression and Sexual Orientation Resource Center.
  • WGSS students tend to be people who want to make a difference in the world. Their personal goals and intellectual development are of major importance to our faculty.
  • The program emphasizes collaborative learning and critical thinking in a global and activist context, one that gives students ownership over their education.
  • Each student is assigned a faculty mentor who is a resource for majors who are pursuing graduate degrees, undergraduate research, academic publications, and career exploration within the field.

Career Options

  • Work for nonprofit and/or nongovernmental agencies advocating for environmental justice, transgender rights, access to health care.
  • Work in community service organizations, such as women’s shelters and youth centers.
  • Work in human resources, equity policy analysis, community development.
  • Continue studies in law school, social work, justice studies, gender studies, and much more.
  • Change your world.

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